RIP Angel

Anonymous said: glad your back!

it’s good to be back (:

"#friends #family #OGcrew4life” x
"Hey thurr(;" x

Mahomies <3


I’m in the middle, Austin Mahone to the left, Dylan Holland to the right…..this was the best night of our lives.

i luf yew guise<3

quifftomlinson-deactivated20130 said: how do u get the words to swirl around the mouse?! haha and your last post was that about the @WeSupportDeezy bitch? lol

Get the text to follow your cursor here

Anonymous said: do you make your gif with photoshop.. or?

For some gifs I use Photoshop CS5. Sometimes I use GIFsoup but they come out really bad so I don’t like using that lol